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3 Tier Solutions partners the visual communication of Graphic Design with the functionality of Applications Development.

This unique combination of creative and analytical strategies along with extensive practical experience will enable us to formulate positive solutions for clients as well as provide clients with problem solving advice from different perspectives.

Our three areas of visual communication and information management are:

Tier 1: Web
We provide a complete range of services for website owners. This includes everything from Website Design & Development, Ecommerce Solutions and Payment Gateway, Content Management Systems, Domain Registrations & Management and Website Hosting.

Tier 2: Graphics
Graphics Tier encompasses traditional graphic media (print based) as well as new media (Web Development and other screen based graphics).

Tier 3: Application
Our Applications Tier includes both Web and PC based Applications.

3 Tier Solutions partners worked as a web development team for 5 years in the internet industry creating and designing dynamic websites, including e-commerce solutions using ASP, ColdFusion, HTML and Javascript before launching 3 Tier Solutions in late 2003.

The management team consists of a partnership between a Graphic Designer and an Applications Developer/Programmer. All partners, employees, contractors and affiliates have a combination of both formal training/qualifications in their field and extensive practical experience.

Our qualified team has:

  • 10 years experience with database development;
  • 10 years general programming;
  • 17 years development and delivery of training programs;
  • 12 years experience in traditional (print based) graphic design and new media design (website and other screen based graphics).

  • Database design (MS-Access and SQL Server)
  • Desktop application development using VB, VB.net and MS-Access
  • Web design software inc. Homesite, Dreamweaver, Visual Studio
  • Programming languages - VB, VB.net, ASP, ColdFusion, HTML, Javascript
  • Graphic Design: for print ready Artwork
  • Graphic Software: Illustrator, Freehand, Photoshop, Acrobat, InDesign
  • Web Design: HTML (hand code), Homesite, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash MX
  • Cross platform issues (Mac vs PC)

Our associates include copywriters, web server managers, and IT professionals allow us to provide our clients with the technical resources required for a complete solution.

Over the years the partners in Three Tier Solutions have also built up a number of relationships with other businesses working the fields of network design and implementation, network security, hardware setup, and general IT services.